About DenEB Solutions

DenEB Solutions comprises of a team of individuals who have a passion, commitment and dedication offering consultancy, designing and project implementation for various infrastructure projects in the Oil, Gas & Cryogenic Industry in India as well as abroad.
Executed various infrastructure/ piping projects together with value added services for feasibility/HEMP/HAZOP Studies, process optimization and risk management.

To provide world class solutions to clients through well defined systems, processes and strategic initiatives.

To be a leading firm providing safe and innovative solutions which are valued and respected by all.

Our host of specialized services -

  • Consultancy in Liquid Fuels, Petroleum Gas (LPG) , Liquefied /Natural Gas and Cryogenic
  • Feasibility studies for Oil & Gas Infrastructure facilities
  • Turnkey Projects – Design, supply, erection, installation and commissioning
  • Design Engineering for Pipelines, Storage, Terminals, Handling systems, Industrial applications
  • Safety Audits & Risks Assessments / Safety Trainings
  • HSE Management Systems /  HAZOP and HEMP Studies
  • Supply of LPG Equipments for LPG Terminals,  Bottling Plants, Bulk LPG Installations, Auto LPG    Dispensing Stations (ALDS) & other LPG facilities.
  • Supply of Liquefied/Natural Gas Equipments for LNG Terminals, LNG Satellite Installations, LNG Liquefiers, Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG Plants),  Natural Gas Infrastructure facilities –  Industrial, LCNG and CNG refueling stations and other associated facilities.
  • Supply of Cryogenic and Non-Cryogenic Equipments for Air Separation Plants, Cryogenic Storage facility, Transportation, Industrial Gas Cylinder Filling Plant – Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, DA,  and other associated facilities.
  • Supply of specialty gases – CO2, H2, CF4 (R14), C2F6 (R116), C3F8 (R218), C4F8 (R318), SF6, NO, CH3F, GeH4, H2Se. CO, NH3, Kr
  • Supply of Remote Monitoring Solutions for all liquid fuels (Furnace oil, LSHS, LDO, HSD, SKO, LPG,) and cryogenic storage (Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Argon, Liquid CO2) including  Cryo cylinders).