Pure Gas

AsH3, B2H , BCL3,BF3,  C2F6, CHF3, PH3, WF6, ClF3, CF4,  HBr, CO2, H2, O2, HCl, N2, Cl2, NF3, N2O, NH3, CH2F2, H2Se, H2S

Gas Mixtures

B2H6/H2, BCl3/N2, PH3/H2, PH3/N2,  PH3/He,   Xe/Ne,  F2/Ne,  H2/Ne, HCl/H2/Ne,  O2/H3,  N2/He,  O2/N2,  H2/He,  Ne/Kr/Co/Co2/N2/Xe, and Customized mixtures

Hydro Carbons

C2H2, C2H4, C3H6, C3H8,  C4H10, C5H12

Rare Gas

Noble Gases – He, Kr, Ne, Xe, Ar, Rn
Rare Gas Mixtures –  Ne/Ar,  Xe/Ne,  including customized mixtures

Specialty Gas

(CH3)2NH, CH3Cl3Si, C8H24N4TI, SiCl3H and
other Toxic, corrosive, flammable gases.