Line Heaters

-Catalytic, Electric or Water Bath Heater Configuration for Dew Point Control
-Integrated Controls, Protected from Elements
-Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx Options
-NEC Haz Loc Class 1 Div 2 or Class 1 Div 1 Options

Fuel Gas Blenders

-Consistent Gas Output from Variable Input
-Blend 2 or 3 different Fuel Gases
-Use for Natural Gas, LPG, Butane, Biogas, Sour Gas, Off-Spec Gas

Scrubber Skids/ Knockout Drum Skid Packages

-Vertical Configuration
-Single, Dual, Triplex Available
-Vane Pack or Multicyclone Type Mechanical Separation
-Integrated Pressure Relief

Pressure Regulating Skid packages

-Single, Duplex, and Triplex Runs
-Bypass Options
-Over Pressure Protection
-PLC Controlled Options

Metering Skid Packages

-Ultrasonic or Coriolis
-Single, Dual, Start-Up Runs
-Isolation Valves & Inspection Ports
-Low Turndown Capability
-Flow Computers Options

Filter Separators / Coalescing Skid Packages

-Vertical or Horizontal Configurations
-Single, Duplex, Triplex Redundancy
-Two-Stage KO / Separation Available
-Filter Access Hatch with Quick Opening

AFC SNG Blenders

-LPG Air Mixer
-Back up for Natural Gas
-Peak shaving to meet NG demands
-Bridging NG gap

Anhydrous/ Aqueous Ammonia System

The anhydrous ammonia system is most often used to replace NOx in power plants
-Ammonia Unloading Skid 
– Ammonia Storage  
– Ammonia vaporisers
– Ammonia injection flow control skids
– Dilution air skids

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Design and engineering, manufacturing of FGC for Gas fired power plants
– LP Fuel Gas Pressure Regulating Station, 
– HP Fuel Gas Performance Heater, 
– HP Fuel Gas Filter Separator (Horizontal)
– Pre-Engineered Building for Skid