Telemetry is the automated process of collecting data from remote or inaccessible points and transmitting it to receiving equipment for monitoring, analysis, and management. This technology is widely used in various industries, including healthcare, aerospace, and environmental monitoring, to track and control parameters such as level, pressure, and flow. As a leading telemetry supplier in India, we offer advanced systems that ensure efficient and accurate data monitoring for cryogenic tanks, gas cylinders, and other critical applications.

Telemetry System for Cryogenic Liquids and Gases & Hospital Management Systems

Telemetry supplier in India, we provide Remote Monitoring (Telemetry) Systems to track the level, pressure, and flow in cryogenic tanks, gas cylinders, and vacuum and compressed air stations. Our solutions help ensure efficient and accurate monitoring for various industries. To learn more about our RMS products and services, please visit

Telemetry supplier in india

Minicriotel- with Solar Panel

Remote and local  monitoring of cryogenic vertical and horizontal tanks (1 m3 to 60 m3) with solar panel power.

Criotel – with LCD

Local & remote monitoring solution for level & pressure for cryogenic tanks. Large LCD Display,  low temperature alarm for detecting leaks & many more features.A single unit can be connected to multiple tanks using MOD Com Units.

Cryoswitch – For Industrial and Medical

Auto Switchover and recovery system for cryogenic storages for industrial and medical.

Liquid Switch

LIQ-SWITCH allows satisfying the necessities of LN2 supply, avoiding the complex and onerous pipeline distribution installation activities of cryogenic tank with remote monitoring facility

CryoBiocare /CryoBankcare

Cryobiocare  – A   system designed to monitor and control safely for LN2 filling in freezers for cryopreservation.  It also helps to maintain the desired temperature for cryopreservation.


A system designed to manage cryobanks for biological applications.

LPG Tank Monitoring

Easily Manage your tank or multiple tanks with the right remote monitoring technology.

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Our Tank Monitoring solution collect  data and send it to IoT platform through GSM and CDMA cellular network.

Smart Metering

Provide benefits for retailers, utilities &end-customers by providing by accurate information over-consumption.

Cylinder Monitoring

Monitor the status of bottel banks through a technology that detects the changeover between cylinders.